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Harry Potter spinners


Years ago, someone posted a Harry Potter story where Harry wore dragon scale armour before going into battle... Can't remember much else. Any help would be appritiated.

Also any other good stories of Harry would be welcome.

Cheers, Fia1.

Replies:   John Demille

Well, only has some 748,000 Harry Potter Fan Fictions in its database. has over 100,000 HP Fanfics in its collection.

Undoubtedly, there are at least a few thousand HP Fan Ficiton stories out there with him wearing either dragonhide or dragonscale for protection during battle.

John Demille


Contents search showed two possibilities:

Extreme Freak by RightingLegends


The Sorceror's Conflict by Ben

Replies:   Fia1

Check out The Dragon Trainer by Cly. It's not a Harry Potter but it's the only positive response to "dragon scale armor" I could find in my files.

You might also want to check out Dryad's stories too.

Replies:   Fia1

@John Demille

Thanks mate, I've read the first one, just finished reading the second story, that's a good one, to bad it's inactive.

This is what I mean, the stories that have other names, instead of Harry Potter, are the hidden gems of the universe I believe!!




Thanks Nizzgrrl, but I've read that, it's a good start to a story, but another inactive. 😔



there were some that were pulled from here

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