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New Story by G Younger


He is starting a Do-Over story and the character is 76 years old at the start. Not trombones, years. I like it so far, except the time machine the hero uses makes noises when it malfunctions that its hard to see how a bunch of semiconductors and integrated circuits would produce. Have to wait for the next chapter to find out what happens next. It did occur to me G Younger, whose first or best known hero was a younger high school age boy who played football and was occasionally a stupid boy, might need to adjust his pen name to G Older.

Replies:   BlinkReader  Zom


Hey, this was just first chapter - we still don't know what age he is going to be when transported.

As is usually here, his hero is probably going to be young and successful (and he can keep his pen name :D )

Replies:   richardshagrin


I am sure there are stories where the hero is old and successful. Being relatively senior myself, I would be happy to have a few pointed out. Heinlein's Lazarus Long doesn't count. He is all ages through most of the story, including the sex change where he gives birth to himself. Time travel allows the most incredible paradoxes. Paradox and Paradise. And to play craps, you need a para dice.



its hard to see how a bunch of semiconductors and integrated circuits would produce

Ever been in an MRI? Intense magnetic fields can make stuff go bang.

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