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Dead Authors


I know my son's friend, Joesephus, death is pretty well known. He continues to answer emails (now down to 3-5 a week) but most of those know he's dead. I wonder how many of the unfinished stories are for the same reason. I don't like to read an unfinished story when there is no hope it might be completed.

Do you know of other Authors who were active but have passed on?


Most writers post under a pen name and have an extra email account for feedback. Their families may or may not know about the writing hobby, and if they do, they may not have the access codes to the author account or the email account. Therefore, if somebody becomes an ex-writer, chances are nobody here will ever know.
My advice: look at the last posted chapter. If it's older than 2 years, the chances of a next chapter are pretty close to nil, no matter if the author is pushing up the daisies, found other priorities or started to offer his writings elsewhere.


There is a list on DotB's forum and Beyond the Far Horizon of known deceased writers.


Well I will continue to take the easy way and enjoy the stories writers have shared. Some that I enjoy have passed, but I still have their story pages bookmarked since I will read them again.

As for the writers I know of on SOL. They are "GoldenMage", "CelticCowboy" and "Volentrin. I know there are more but I am not sure who they are and without actual knowledge I can not add their names.

Although like I stated above, I will continue to enjoy their stories in the future.


If we look at the site from the point of view of Management (a name I can spell, Lazeez is likely what I mean, but my spell check thinks that isn't a word) what do they want? They prefer to attract readers and keep the ones they have. Some of them will subscribe so the site can continue to meet its expenses, if it does. What might drive readers away? Knowing that a favorite author, or a lot of them, are dead or not in condition to continue stories the readers like. I wouldn't count on a top fifty list accessible from the front page listing dead or retired authors and/or stories that won't be continued.

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I don't really need a list. Like I said I will continue bookmarking writers whose stories I enjoy. Then later I will go back and read their stories again. Only reason I know of the three I mentioned is I have their pages bookmarked and followed their work for a while.


I may blog about this because I think it is worthy of thanks and tribute. However, I've found several authors over the years that were writing as they faced illness or conditions that limited their ability to get out. Some of them didn't make it. Even so, I'm amazed by the dedication to the community and to creativity and being interacting constructively. I'm filled with joy and awe to think that as people faced challenge, they chose to embrace love, sensuality, and sexuality and share that with us. I hope that when I face the ultimate sacrifice I too can be that positive.

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