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New author challenge! Cum and join!


Hi I'm a new author here and I have a challenge for all of you I just posted a story and I kinda forgot to divide it into chapters so I kinda cringed when I went into the story and saw that it was 17! Pages at least in SOL format and its around 120k+ words so my challenge to you all is this
1. Comment that you accept with the date and time
2. Read the story
3. After reading come back to this page and leave a comment on how long it took you and then
4. Post a review of the story
I hope this is a fun challenge for you all and just so you know this is only one book of six

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According to the link, your story was deleted due to plagiarism.

ETA: The story title cited by the plagiarism notice was posted 5 years ago on If you wish to claim you are the author of that story, then your post is a lie. Plagiarist or Liar, I doubt you will be welcomed.


'Shadow and Light' book 01 is also published on Literotica. Posting date is 12/26/12 and sorrowfullvirgin27 is named as the author.


Hello all, I am the original author to Shadow and Light. Published the complete story on a few Roswell Fanfic sites over ten years ago...actually thinking about it - it's been over thirteen years. From the looks of it, the story was copied from a site where the owner stopped doing updates on his site for personal reasons.

The completed work was 30 chapters, 290k words and back then...well proofing wasn't exactly something I did. I wrote then I posted. I know, it's bad of me.

Anyway, I never published anywhere else. Thankyou to Robberhand for pointing out Literotica. I've reported it and gone hunting for other sites. I don't mind people reposting, but outright plagerism...hell no.

Switch Blayde


but outright plagerism...hell no.

Been there. Feel the pain. Good luck.



I don't know where you currently post, but you're welcome to stick around ane post a few stories and join us to chat.

Crumbly Writer


and back then...well proofing wasn't exactly something I did. I wrote then I posted. I know, it's bad of me.

That wasn't uncommon back then, when no one ever considered posting to a website to be a 'serious effort'. That's why we now have forums, so we can ask east other for assistance, help and suggestions.

Now, the forum is filled with protracted arguments about how for format or grammatically structure basic sentences. :(


It is the old story,those who can try and do,those who can't teach and procrastinate.

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those who can't


Or write reviews.

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