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Incomplete and Inactave


I know a lot of readers hate incomplete stories and this has been discussed many time on this forum but what be your favorite to be finished on SOL.
Mine would be Razer God Slayer End of Prophesy. What would yours be.

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Tycoon by Raven Soule.

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Rewind, by Don Lockwood


Pete, a Young Man's Story, by Magi.

I am pretty sure someone else will mention D-man 3. It would be pretty high on the list, too.


'Impact' by Doores

Cold Creek's latest Defenseman & his Stone family story

'Planet Mine' by Refusenik. I know, he hasn't started it or even said anything about it, but I think it would be a great story, don't you?


"Melissa's Secrets" by Pookie


I must be boring with again mentioning "Bow Valley" from Barbe Blanche...

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Crumbly Writer


I must be boring with again mentioning "Bow Valley" from Barbe Blanche...

Sadly, that's not "abandoned", instead the author died midway through the story (after being rendered unable to work due to chemo-brain). Having worked together, I briefly considered trying to finish it for him (unauthorized), but I don't have the indepth knowledge of London and it's waterways, and could never do it justice. :(



Murder Isle, by Mac the Knife, has lain fallow for a decade now. Not much hope for a conclusion, but a guy can hope.

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A few of my favorites, my top choice among them, were already mentioned, but here's two (three) more:

Al Steiner has one more story in the Greenies universe he had been working on when his life took him into another direction. Work + study made writing fiction impossible; it is sad, but understandable.

Spittfire and Messerschmitt was one of the first stories I read when I came to SOL and it has remained in the back of my mind ever since. Yeah, I know about the drama around it and I hope she doesn't read this, because apparently GMW can't stand to hear about this incomplete story of hers any more.

(Tentatively a third mention, which has since been removed from SOL, so I'm unsure if it qualifies to be mentioned or not. Side Bet Bluff by Hal C. Rex was a story that hit me out of left field, but was left inactive for a few years before the author decided to remove his account from the page.)



I agree with "Murder Isle" and "Rewind", but Magi always said that "Pete, a Young Man's Story" would continue until he stopped enjoying it. Maybe he should have given it a clean death instead of just abandoning it. btw, Magi posted a short story 5 months ago.


Friday Night Lights by The Senator

Dozer driver

A master's ring by el sol...man, I re-read this story every few months and I always want more!



Zenith of Folly by Nigel Woodman



A Family Business by Robberhands.


For me it's Curse Of The Bambino 2 by Don Lockwood. A fun story, to be sure, but not one whose abandonment would normally annoy someone over a decade later.

Except it was being written while the 2004 ALCS was going on, and I was a Red Sox fan. I hadn't been a fan for very long. I'd lived in Boston since '89 and worked near Fenway, and for most of that time I was just annoyed at the Sox and especially the fans for getting in my way. But my now wife moved to Boston in '01, and she quickly became a Sox fan and she dragged me into it, too.

Then in 2003 the Sox went up against the Yankees (ptui!) in the ALCS. And things were going great up to the end of game 7. It looked like the Sox were going to the World Series! Then Aaron Fucking Boone (his full legal name, as far as I'm concerned) hit his homer and it was over. Like most of the rest of Boston I stayed up late to watch the game, and I will never forget the collective wails of dismay I heard from every apartment in my building.

That was the backdrop for the plot of Curse of the Bambino 1, in which a Sox fan and a Yankees fan bet on the outcome of the series. The Yankees win, of course.

The next year it happened again! And there was another Bambino story! And the Sox came back from a 0-3 deficit to win the whole damn thing! And the story never got past game six! Goddammit!! It's not fair!



There is a new message from raven soule in his blog if your interested, I'm sure he would love to hear from his fans.


akfireman, thanks for the heads up.


The Trailer Park series.

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Since I don't read incomplete/unfinished stories, I cannot contribute to discussion. When I was a kid my mother used to watch Days of Our Lives and As the World Turns on TV. Kind of the same thing for me.


Summer Camp book 4

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Summer Camp book 4

Not inactive - Nick Scipio has had real life intrude on his writing time. Slow, but not inactive.



The Trailer Park series.

The series may not be complete, but all the stories in it are.

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