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Writing Orgies

Crumbly Writer

There's an interesting discussion on the ASSTR forum (I know, I thought that site had been abandoned decades ago!) concerning writing orgies by Very Well Aged.

He started out relating how it makes sense to include details (like 'using every imaginable piece of furniture'), and presenting the various options and describing who pared up with whom.

I added my two cents, as usual, by specifying it's important to focus on relevant detail. That detail helps flesh out a scene, that too much detail (specifically about minor characters who never reappear) can weaken a story, and that if it doesn't advance the story, it's better to drop the extra detail. (Making the scene appear 'real' helps advance the story by making it a richer reading experience.)

I also raised an issue I've been dealing with lately that isn't often discussed in group scenes. Specifically pronoun confusion. This is especially difficult in orgy scenes where, instead of an ongoing dialogue between two people, with a stray comment by someone else tossed in, here you have multiple "he/he", "his/his", "her/her", etc.

I ran into this recently when I wrote a gay romance story. My editor practically strangled me every time I used "he said" or "he did", because there was no way to know who "he" was.

The same is true if there are multiple parties in an orgy. You often have to name each character each time they do something, and be very conscious of how you do it as you're writing.

I thought this might make an interesting discussion on our various author's experiences in writing orgy scenes, and which pitfalls they've encountered.


@Crumbly Writer

Not author here, but I read a lot. I suggest the characters not speak a lot. There are more interesting things they can do with their mouths. A little moaning that could come from anyone is enough dialog for any orgy. Maybe a little music as background. Perhaps Summertime, from Orgy and Bess?

Bondi Beach

@Crumbly Writer

He started out relating how it makes sense to include details (like 'using every imaginable piece of furniture'), and presenting the various options and describing who pared up with whom.

I'm not sure I want to attend or read about an orgy where anyone is paring anyone else. That would hurt.

Otherwise, Janey (Jane Urquhart) solved that problem very neatly by sticking to one character's POV (it was first-person, too, but you could do it in third-person as well) in Janey's September ( She earned an extra star in my book for a great story tag: "Small, friendly orgy."


awnlee jawking

@Crumbly Writer

Don't mention the gun above the mantlepiece unless someone's going to have sex with it :)


Replies:   richardshagrin

@awnlee jawking

This is my rifle, that is my gun, one is for fighting, the other for fun.

Replies:   awnlee jawking
awnlee jawking


Only one leads to safe sex - with the other you get son of a gun.



Writing orgies is fun, albeit challenging. I always begin to feel like I'm leaving characters out if I focus on one pear, or pair, (or is it pare? he he he), too long, but the nice thing about writing them is that the scene rarely becomes boring. There always has to be something fun to direct the readers attention to. In one of my favorite orgy scenes that I ever wrote, I had three men fingering one woman at the same time, two of them entertaining her vagina and one guy digging for rectal gold. ;) Now that I think about it, maybe I should have put a gun on the mantel piece and had one of them using that ... hmmm

Nah, too risky. There were already enough triggers being pulled in that scene.

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