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Missing Authors


As a humble reader I am missing two of my favourite authors can anyone tell me if I am likely to ever hear from Raven Soule or Cold Creek? Many thanks in advance.

Replies:   sharkjcw


My last contact with Raven Soule was about 2 yrs ago. He was not doing well with his cancer treatments at that time. Since then He has not replied to e-mails.


Sorry to hear about Raven Soule.

Has anyone ever had contact with Cold Creek? I never have gotten any replies whenever I wrote to him. But then again it may be that he is worried I'm some sort of stalker.

Oh, how great would it be if all of a sudden the next chapters of Dman started appearing on a weekly basis.

Oh, to dream.

Hell, I'd even take a new chapter of Stone Inc.

Yep. Would be very nice.

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