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What has happened to Chestly?

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He is in a care facility in Texas. No access to the internet.

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Crumbly Writer


He is in a care facility in Texas. No access to the internet.

We need to add that as a tagline in ANY discussion where someone mentions CMSix. Invariably, someone asks.

Ernest Bywater

About 2 years ago the issues were:

1. Internet Access in the nursing home was bad,

2. He needed a replacement keyboard of a very specific type as he couldn't use most modern ones due something about the physical aspect of the keyboards.

3. He was very depressed and had no interest in his stories then. However, he'd just had some major surgery which seriously affected his mobility, so the depression was understandable.

As of 3 months back he was still registered in the US systems as owning his home, and still alive.

Doing ID checks on Chessley are hard because there are several family members with exactly the same name full name, and he was the 6th in his generations with it, thus his pen name. Several months ago one of his cousins with the same name died in the same county and many people thought it was him, but it wasn't.

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I thought he had moved to somewhere S of Houston, although there were a number of people with the same surname there so it could have been a false positive.

Ernest Bywater

A few years ago he blogged about being in the Rose Haven Nursing Home in Atlanta, Texas. He was still there about a year later, and last I've been able to confirm is still at Rose Haven while still owning his house in Atlanta, Texas.

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