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Lack of Discipline

June 16, 2007
Posted at 10:37 pm

After devoting considerable effort to crafting a story that I could churn out in manageable pieces (i.e., my twist on "Naked in School"), I have gone astray again. The next pieces of "Naked in School" are coming along in fits and starts, and not all in sequence.

I've also started another story/series that I hope to be able to write in pieces, and the first part of that is about three quarters done.

Rather than keep my nose to the grindstone, I've decided to post the first chapters of an older -- also incomplete -- story, just so I can keep my hand in the game. I hope these story parts will be of interest to some of the folks who have been kind enough to put my "Naked in School" piece in their library, and give you more of a taste for my style.

And I hope the next few weeks will be more productive -- more parts that I can actually post.

The parts I put up today appeared originally on the Erotic Mind Control Stories archive under the title "The Effects of DNA Matched Pheromones on Female Sociosexual Behaviors" -- a title that is too long for the StoriesOnline system.