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Not Dead

May 7, 2007
Posted at 5:36 am

Hey everyone, I'm not dead. :) I've been working a little on Freedom, but without my old editors I don't know if my new material will match the quality of the old. I've also been working on a new story not completely different from Freedom (it is sort of in the same genre as Sir Winston's Star Dancer and similar stories- you know, the old luck into high-technology routine, which I look at as the modern version of 'find a genie in a bottle' stories), but I don't even have a name for it yet. It's about 3,100 words long at the moment, so its not even as long as the first two chapters of Freedom. I'm also working on a short bdsm story, and hopefully I'll have that finished within the week. So, some new stuff soon... and as for the next time you'll see a Freedom update, I'm not really sure. I only actually have a thousand or so more words written than what are posted, and I would like to have at least two or three full chapters done before I post new material. So, maybe in a month or so with some luck.