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April 9, 2007
Posted at 9:51 pm

Uh... yeah...

So you know that thing about updating more often? Didn't happen. You know, I marvel at the authors who are able to update multiple times a week, whereas I struggle to finish a chapter a month. Ah well. Hopefully I make up for it with quality... ah, who am I kidding?

On the plus side, Chapter 2 of P&P is up, and it explains what's going on, and then proceeds to raise more questions. Just a bit more to go with establishing characters and setting, and then the real story can begin.

I'm kind of torn between my two ongoing stories. On the one hand, Paradise Flats is clearly the more popular one, and I'd hate to annoy my readers more than I already have. On the other hand, P&P is actually the story I like better, and it's more interesting to write. I'll probably wind up alternating between the two, but it may simply end up be what I feel like writing on any given night.

Speaking of which, huge props goes to everyone who commented and gave me the inspiration to get off my ass and write something. Hopefully you'll be able to prod me into a more regular schedule

-Ryan West
(Why, oh why, did I name major characters "May" and "Mary"?)