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April 5, 2007
Posted at 5:10 pm

Unfortunate Rising News

Hello all,

A few announcements for those of you who follow this thing, and none of it is particularly good.

First and foremost, Rising. As many of you have probably noticed and a few of you have emailed me about, Rising has been taken down from SOL.

This was purposeful. I've recently been given the opportunity to possibly publish my little work of fantasy erotica with a large E-publishing company. Nothing is certain yet, but it seems likely to happen, if not sooner then later. I'm excited about this, as I've always wanted to get published, it's been one of the things I've always wanted to do with my life.

Unfortunately, of course, this means I have to take it off of public space. I can't say this comes without regret, as I know I have a good deal of readers who really enjoy Rising and want to follow it. I don't want to take it away from them. But I also have to follow what's best for me in this. I not only would very much like to and aspire toward being published, but finances are always, unfortunately, a concern.

So. Rising is now down from SOL, and will very soon be down from everywhere else it's posted up as well. Even should this publishing deal fall through, I don't think I will put it back up, as I have a few other companies interested in it as well.

Bast and Sam and Jenna will remain up on SOL and everywhere else they are. I'll be continuing in them, but in all honesty as I'm trying to finish Rising and get it published, my focus will be removed from these two stories for some time.

I don't like that the few fans I have are going to suffer for this, and I appologize for those of you who are going to be disappointed with the loss of Rising and the even slower updating of Bast and Sam and Jenna. But I feel this is best for my future and livelyhood.

I would occasionally check back for this blog and my remaining two stories, as they WILL be updated, though infrequently.

Thank you everyone who ever has or ever will give me support in my writing endevours, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, and you all inspire me to push my writing talent forward. I'll still always answer my email, and put up work here and there. I hope to one day have Rising selling well, and it'll all be thanks to those of you who have shown support throughout its creation process.

Thanks again until next time I start ranting away!