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January 14, 2007
Posted at 12:46 pm


There are a few things I would like to say, however first I want to say Thanks again to my readers. I appreciate my fans, its nice to know people like my stories.

Second: as I said before I have a lot less writing time lately. I apologize for not getting my newest story, "Back Scratches Affair" posted sooner. My wife was spending a lot of time on the computer, and I have had other things to do. I must say though that what little time I had online was sometimes spent playing instead of working. And after so long with no writing, it took, me a while to get back into the habit- I kept forgetting to work on it when I did have the time.

I don't know how many stories I will do for '07. There's the shorter husband-wife romance-fantasy(With just the two of them) story. Then there is an incest one I may do and which will be in three parts. I want to do a further adventure for the "Reigniting on Halloween" couple, and a sequel to "Ex-hubby Affair", this time with no cheating, I might do two marriage in trouble stories, and a wife almost cheats story which would be another shorter one. In fact I'm thinking of doing that last story first.

Plus I have an idea for another ending for patricia51's "One Slip". I have one ending already, but a while back, a whole different idea came to mind. That one will be a shortee. And I have an ending to "How High a Price" I want to finish. But as I said I'm not sure how many stories I will get done this year.

Thanks again for my loyal readers.

Just in case anyone wants to know my favorite stories that I wrote are, some people do ask writers that question, they include: "Their Story", The Reigniting couple, "Ex-Hubby Affair". I like "Do For Lust Not For Love' and the sequel. Not to mention "Double Rendezvous".

Some of my favorite writers are K.K, even though I used to like his "Wendy" until I read the real ending to "Wendy's Story". I can't see her husband tricking her like that. But I also like patricia51, The Troubador, The Writing Dragon, Susan England and others.

A handful of my favorite stories by other writers includes: "Accidental Fantasy" by MsSeminoleWind and "Beach Surpass" By tvr, "Sam's Fall From Grace", but not the sequel, by scorpio001 and My Secretary Ch 1 by Leo Davis. "Busted", "WHAM", the last one to "RainyDay Rubdown" series and many in the "To Serve and Protect" Series (all by Patricia51) are good." A Loving Family-Samatha's Story" by Susan England is also good.

There are many others, and I missed some good ones by good writers, but I don't have the time , or space to list more.

Happy Reading