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RL sucks

October 28, 2004
Posted at 11:23 pm

Yup, Chapter 4 isn't done yet...I've written probably 20% of it, and have been stuck there for almost 2 weeks now.

Next time I decide to take on a new hobby, somebody please shoot me? When my mom saw me finishing the window shutters, she asked me what else I was going to make...I told her I had nothing decided yet, but I was thinking about building a coffee table to put between my desk and my bed to hold my coffee maker and coffee supplies, and then probably a box for my grandfather's mah jong set that I inherited (her dad was born in China, and when he moved to Mexico, his dad gave him his mah jong set...when he died, mom's oldest sister inherited the set...when she died child-less, I inherited the set...in a cardboard box :)

Mom's answer? "oh! I have a few things I'd like you to make for me! would you?" Me, being a nice son and all, said yes...and I'm still building stuff 2 weeks later, and my shutters are half-way done, my story is 20% done and I've spent even more money in tools *sigh*.

Hopefully, the stuff I finished today for her (a cabinet for her office supplies) is the last I'll be building for her for a while...which should mean I get to finish my shutters tomorrow and saturday, and get to write on sunday...which means everything will go as I said in my last blog entry, except two weeks late :)

So...don't despair...I'm still alive, and I still plan on finishing the story.