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Teaser and Overdue Update

November 30, 2006
Posted at 2:09 pm
Updated: December 1, 2006 - 8:39 am

It has been a while since I've updated people on what is going on with my writing. There's so much to tell, particularly since I'm working on four story lines at the same time. I know that it is a little frustrating to have to wait for a particular story to come out, but I'm not going to apologize for it.

William Redman Carter Part I and Oscar Meyers Part II have been written to completion. They will be posted over the next few weeks as I finish the final edits. I've written drafts of the first four chapters of Part II of William Redman Carter and the first five chapters of Part III of Oscar Meyers.

There are two chapters left to post of A Different Sort of Lifestyle. As soon as Drahkan has finished editing them, I will post those chapters on SOL. A few days after that I will start to post it to ASSM. I will also correct the typos that managed to creep through a couple of edits.

I have four chapters of General Sid that are written and there are about six chapters that I have yet to finish. I may add a chapter or two to the outline, though.

I also have two new stories that are in development. Once I finish General Sid and A Different Sort of Lifestyle, I will start posting 'The Quatyl.' It is a light hearted SciFi story that is pure entertainment. No heavy messages and a few funny sex scenes. The second story is 'Hunter'. It is a novel about politics in the USA. I'm sure that lots of folks won't like it, but I've been using it to explore my feelings about the state of politics.

Onto the Golden Clitorides Awards. It is that time of year when nominations are being taken. Souvie, bless her heart for running the awards, has informed me that people have nominated a few of my stories for awards. My first, second, and third reactions have all been the same - Wow! I'm not campaigning for a win, but it is always nice to see that a story has been nominated.

A Different Sort Of Lifestyle has been nominated for a : Best Long Story of the Year. This story will be finished in time for the nomination to count.

Also nominated for a GCA is General Sid in the following categories: Best Science Fiction Story and Best Story in a Shared Universe. I'm pretty sure that General Sid will be completed before deadline, but it will be a race.

The last two GCA nominations are for the Damsels in Distress Universe in the best Shared Universe category and John Carter for best Series. I seriously doubt those nominations will even make it through to the finalist stage.

Let me make my position clear with regards to the Golden Clitorides Awards. I don't think that authors should be in the business of nominating stories or voting. I view it as a reader driven award. I'm not even sure that an author should campaign on behalf of their stories. It all just strikes me as a conflict of interest. (I know, my comments above seem hypocritical considering that I just finished bragging about my nominations. I've justified it by convincing myself that I'm not begging people to vote for them, just expressing my pleasure at being nominated.)

That being said, there are some very wonderful stories here on SOL and ASSM. If I felt that authors should participate in nominating stories, I would have nominated Naked In School, Greenies, and Take Me Out To the Ballgame. I was really surprised by the Take Me Out To the Ballgame series because I'm not even a big fan of baseball. One category that I think readers should really consider voting in is the Best New Author. What a great way to motivate a good writer to continue.