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"Man of my Dreams"....

October 10, 2006
Posted at 9:24 am

It was written quickly, in an hour or two. Yes, I know, there are typos, misspellings and such. Sorry.

Not much feedback with this story. I did have this annonymous one from "Hopeless Romantic" who wrote:

"I felt like I had been cheated when I read the
final paragraph of this story, but not as badly
as SOME stories in this genre. Unfortunately,
some dreams are so vivid that they feel just like
'real life' until you wake up. :-("

You are correct, some dreams are so vivid that they feel real until you wake up. I'm sorry you felt cheated as I'm sure you were hoping for the two to find love and walk off into the sunset. I love those stories too. Sometimes that doesn't happen. Sometimes hearts are broken. Sometimes two people in love never meet. Sometimes their stories need told.

I am glad that you didn't feel as cheated as SOME of the stories in the genre. I'm thinking that was a compliment. I'll take it as such......