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Just a quickie

October 7, 2006
Posted at 7:30 pm

I just submitted another story, called Moonlight. It's a dream sequence and very, very plain I'm afraid. So all of you readers that have been hoping for more sick, twisted and perverted stuff, doh! Well ... that's not entirely true, there is something odd, but then again it's a dream and everything in dreams is odd.

I wrote this one in less than 4 hours on an afternoon with nothing better to do. Left it simmering for about a week, did a few minor touchups and submitted it. In the meantime, I have been writing and starting other (longer) stories. Sadly, I've put the molly story on the backburner for a bit :/

I think that's one of my quirks as a writer, I want to finish a story first, before it's published. And then I'm, like, totally done with it. Move on to the next story. Quite possibly to a new topic too: when I look at my portfolio of published stories they are all rather different from one another. Yet they have something in common; none of them are hard, straight to the action and copious of amount of sex-stories.