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Story Development

October 7, 2006
Posted at 5:51 pm

As I restart getting back into author mode, I am looking at how some of my stories need to progress. Here's a quick update on how things are going (or will go):

-Armageddon: I really need to get a plot outline down for this, but until I do, I'll just let the characters speak to me until they're satisfied. It seemed to work for the first chapter.

-That fanfic of mine I'm bringing over from another website: I'm re-imaging some of the main plot and character list to avoid the story from devolving into a smut-fest (not that I don't enjoy smut-fests or that there is anything wrong with one but that is not where I want this story to go.), so there are going to be some hold ups.

I also have to put some other stories that I wanted to do on the back burner until I get time to get around to them. I wanna take the time to thank all those who sent comments, voted and just took the time to read any of my offerings. Hopefully, I can do a good enough job to keep you wanting to come back. And sorry about the long waits, but at least I'm getting faster at typing. XD