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Faraway Sexy

October 7, 2006
Posted at 2:06 am

"Two Authors' Journey...," as stated, was written by myself and the aloof and sexy Sir Will. I had decided to end the story, but he thinks it should go on. He actually wants me to write it so that he can edit it. Not a bad tradeoff, I'll still have his input. Maybe that will get his juices flowing to do more than just edit...

He lives in London, and is a very busy man...as well as myself. I hate to post stories one chapter at a time and leave you hanging (unless you like that sort of thing), but time is like a butterfly. And I'm not talking Monarchs. ;)

Anyway, I am currently trying to get the next installment for Passion Model 4 reconstructed into something you can enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.

"Until the next"

Wolf Goddess