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Hello readers!

September 3, 2006
Posted at 10:16 pm
Updated: September 3, 2006 - 10:20 pm

I'm honored to have so many people read my stories and email me to tell me just how much they enjoy each and every chapter. Although their are a select few (and you know who you are), whom repeatedly email me critiquing my work to such a minute level, that it just drives me up the fucking wall (paste heavy sigh here). If you don't like my story, then do not read it and then email telling me what you would have done differently. For those of you who do enjoy my story please continue to email me and I hope that my writing will stimulate your imagination and encourage you to try to share your own story with the rest of us. Thank you for allowing me to go through my little rant, but I felt it was needed to be done.

Thank you all,

Mr. Marvel