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August 18, 2006
Posted at 2:08 pm


There is something in this story I wanted to explore. Is it possible for a sense of sexuality that transcends a label such as hetero/homo? If so, perhaps this is how it would look. This is inspired by an excerpt I read recently that identified a woman's first kiss with a boy as being little different than her first kiss with a girl. Also, I recently read a story by SOL author RACHE where her character was a boy trapped in a female's body, who happened to also be gay. Very well attacked piece of trying literotica, and so I confess 'Dreamscape' is only my two-cents.
I apologize for not adding names. The idea is to allow the characters to be interchangeable, but I understand that it might cause confusion. The idea, in my mind, as a reader, is to let the story speak and don't get hung up on character names, who's doing what to whom, and so forth. And finally, I apologize if the sequences from girl/girl and boy/girl jumble together. It is a series of flashbacks and requires a certain amount of 'on your toes' reading, so with that: thanks for taking the time to read it.