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August 6, 2006
Posted at 1:06 pm
Updated: August 7, 2006 - 1:46 am

My story, The Glass Box, has many unexplored possibilities. The setting, as outlined, is rather sketchy. There is plenty of room to fill in the details and develop new storylines. . . . For example, what if an 80-year-old man were paired with a 19-year-old woman? What if a nymphomaniac woman were in the Box with an uptight ultra-religious man? What about multiple amputees thrown into the Box together?
What if . . .

Furthermore, what about the selection process for candidates? What types of hoops do they have to jump through to get chosen?

If you write a story based on The Glass Box, it's your story. You retain the copyright. You keep all the money and royalties if it sells commercially. Yours is the only name that is listed as
the author.

Now, for the fine print.

1) No pedo stuff. Pedophilia is degrading and destructive, both in fiction and the Real World.

2) If you create any new characters and situations, these become community property. That means other authors can use them in subsequent Glass Box stories, and without your permission. That is only fair, since I gave you permission to use my characters and situations.

3) Attached to your story, give me a brief credit, something like:
"This story is set in the _Glass Box_ series, by Carlos Malenkov."

4) Try to keep things consistent. Don't make disruptive changes in the previously established setting or characters without damn good reason.

5) I request that you e-mail me the stories ( for my review (not approval) before you post them.
This is a request, not a requirement. I might even feel inclined to offer advice and/or help with your stories. Or maybe not.

6) And, by the way, if you want to write a story in the "universe" of one of my other stories, you can always ask permission. I will be much stricter about granting
permission in such cases.

That's all. Happy writing!