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May 20, 2006
Posted at 6:57 am

Yes, this is something of a Dear John entry and like all Dear John letters it is difficult to write. But I didn't want to vanish without any word of explanation.

As some of you already know, I write non-erotic stories too and have been publishing a few which had supplemented my income. I always dreamed of getting the 'breakthrough' which would enable me to write full-time. Although not in the direction I had envisaged that breakthrough has come and I have made the decision to 'go for it' I finally received the contract and I guess I am now a professional writer!!!

I am taking on a huge commitment in time and creative energy and some things will have to give. Among these are the writings of Suzie XX which is, of course, a pen-name. I love writing these stories and I know I've brought a little pleasure into a lot of lives over the past 8 months or so. But at least for the forseeable future I just wont have time to write any more. I have dozens of half-started stories that maybe one day I will finish.

But for now I want to thank all the lovely people that have written to me from all around the world over this period, and especially the ones who have become good friends. Thanks too to all the people who voted on my stories and to all those who just read and hopefully enjoyed the stories.

I will still try to answer mails that come through but for now my legacy of 14 stories will not be added to. There are just a mere handful of people who have not been so nice to me, and they will know who they are, and to them I offer an English victory sign! The vast majority have been wonderful and I love you all.

Love as always
Suzie xxxxxxx