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Thank you for the email

August 16, 2004
Posted at 1:18 pm

I must say the diversity in the emails that I receive is extremely enjoyable. To answer some of the question and comments that I have been getting I will use the blog. Especially since alot of the comments have been quite similar.

Q: "How old are u really and is this ur first story?"

A: I am really 28. Yes this is my first story ever. Not just first story posted. And yes my kids can probably write better than I can.

Q: "Will the chapters and sex scenes be longer?"

A: I will do my best to make everything longer , but occasionally some may still be shorter.

Q: "Why does the main character only have an eight inch cock?"

A: I don't know about you but eight inches doesn't seem too small to me. Our main character also will be able to adjust his size as needed.

The other good ones worth acknowledging will be cleared up in the next chapter anyway. So I won't bother answering those now.

Again thank you for reading.