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A Reminder

July 17, 2017
Posted at 11:32 am

Hey folks,

Part III of Learning Curves wraps today with a three-chapter flurry.

There will be no post on Friday. Part IV will begin next Monday, July 24.

For those who have noted the overt sexuality in the story, today probably won't do much to alleviate your fears. This is probably my most explicit story since Daze in the Valley all those years ago.

But, as always, I tried to mix some plot and character development into the erotic sections.

The simplest explanation: College-age kids fuck. At least they did when I was in college 30 years ago and I can't imagine that the rise of the Internet has slowed things down.

So, yeah, in a story set in college ... the characters do a lot of exploring and experimenting with their sexuality. They're not 30-year-olds who have their entire life mapped out (and all the fun parts behind them).

They're kids doing what kids do and making the mistakes kids make.

I hope the readers enjoy the final three chapters of Part III of Learning Curves.