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I’m Torn …

May 19, 2017
Posted at 12:18 pm

Sparse prose v. dense.

Robert B. Parker and Elmore Leonard sketch out a scene and let your imagination fill in the details.

Thomas Perry and Robert Crais provide more info. But less than Dennis Lehane and John le Carré.

Depending on which book I've just read, I think, "Boy, I need to do it this way." Although that's embarrassing, like being only as smart as the last person I talked with.

What do you guys think?


P. S. I was informed, quite accurately, that this forum isn't the Paige Hawthorne Blog Site. This particular emailer suggested that I cease and desist for a while. Like, forever.

Well, forever seems like a pretty long time, so I probably won't afford him that particular pleasure. But he does make a point. While I hesitate to disappoint my legion of fans, both of you, that guy may be right. You may be seeing less of me, blog-wise. For a while. Unless you don't.