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Journey's Start

April 18, 2017
Posted at 11:05 am
Updated: April 18, 2017 - 11:12 am

I've never written fiction before. There's a certain amount of writing I've done relating to my career (software engineer) or hobbies, but nothing of a creative bent and nothing like this.

I feel like I'm at the beginning of a long journey, not sure where it will end up, but I know it will be exciting, and maybe at times unpleasant, but worth it.

What's surprised me the most so far is how real my characters feel to me. None of them are counterparts to friends in real life, although a few elements and descriptions here and there are based on people I know. And of course all of the main characters in this first story are people I would love to know in real life (there are a few coming up that won't be as sympathetic).

Speaking of coming up (yeah, yeah, I realize all of the double entendre possibilities of that phrase), here are some vague previews of the rest of The Love Scouts:

-- The mystery starts (obviously) at the end of the second chapter, although there are plots elements and a few hidden macguffins throughout the first two chapters.

-- I'm planning on publishing a chapter per week. For those that groan about authors that take forever to finish a series, I have ten chapters written, which is at least two thirds of the story, and the complete plot is outlined, including most (if not all) of the final sex romps.

-- While the sex scenarios in the first six chapters mostly deal with an adult male and teen girls, there will be other combinations coming (haha) up. There's a common, but not exclusive, theme of group situations.

While this story is labelled a mystery, I'm looking forward to seeing comments as the plot and story unfolds. At heart I do believe it's a mystery (or I wouldn't have labelled it so), but it's definitely not a traditional type of "solve the mystery", and there's other ways I could (and possibly will) label the story. I won't mention any right now because it might give away some of the story.

That's enough blogging for this fine morning. It's tax day in the US, and I haven't filed mine yet.