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Pēteris - Chapter 4: Recruiting A Caretaker

March 20, 2017
Posted at 2:32 pm

Chapter 4 is in the queue to appear tomorrow - Tuesday. As promised, it is a longer one. Normally, it would pop up sometime after 7 PM CST, but I'll try to goose it for earlier.

Soo-Min Hero Greeter returns, dragging a reluctant Caretaker candidate who isn't in the pool but meets Pēteris' specifications. (Yeah, I know this is different in almost every respect, but if it was always the same, where would be the fun?)

Anyway, the dragooned candidate is a Cassandra-quality beauty, über smart, a virgin, fertile, and thinks herself to be frigid.

Game on for Pēteris and his lovelies....