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Gateway-What Lies Beyond

November 14, 2016
Posted at 4:03 pm

I'm posting again. My new story Gateway-What Lies Beyond is a romp in the far of distant past. I hope you enjoy it.

I'd like to say that you are getting the raw stuff. I haven't had it proof-read or edited and I probably won't be getting to it. I'll try to clean it up if someone points out a glaring typo but the chances are I won't get to it. The big issue is my eyesight has dropped of considerably in the last few months and I'm having more and more problems cleaning up what I've been working on.

Speaking about what I've been working on, I have been writing. I've started a dozen-plus stories that I just can't seem to finish. I wrote twenty-five chapters of a zombie-end of the world story and then I just stopped. I've done a prequel to Community Service that I've rewritten twelve times. Part of the problem is me not wanting to through just anything out there onto SOL and part of it has been my failing vision. I get an idea and I want to write it before I can't anymore. So that is why I'm putting Gateway on the site as is. I was on Chapter six of another story last we when Gateway popped into my head. I figured I needed to publish or just go away and not come back so that is what I did. I published.

Again I hope you like it. At the minimum there will be betwen twelve and twenty chapters with no regular posting schedule.

Thanks, The Blind Man