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Book 3 pre-release and Chapter 38

November 2, 2016
Posted at 3:43 pm

Hi folks. Today marks the last part of Book 2. A lot of people have been clamoring to see what happens here and there's been significant speculation about the Thanksgiving weekend. I hope you all enjoy it.

On another note, I'm starting the pre-release of Book 3. For those of you who want to binge-read it, contact me for details. Be warned. My posting schedule for Book 3 is going to be a tad slower than it's been for Books 1 and 2, so if you want it read it before the Christmas carols start, this is your best bet.

After today, I'm taking another little break to handle the pre-release and to focus on the three (yes, three) writing projects I have on the go right now. I should start posting Book 3 to SOL later on in the month though. I haven't determined an exact date, but about two weeks from now seems likely.