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October 27, 2016
Posted at 3:19 am
Updated: October 27, 2016 - 3:29 am

Hello everyone,

So I should've thought of this earlier, but I've finally put in an editor request for Galbadia Prime Online! This means that Homophone errors that I previously didn't know was a Homophone error, E.G. "Capital", will all be dealt with. Hell, there is probably going to be a homophone error or two in this post because I don't think about that every second.

Since I'm still contemplating over Dark America, I'll leave that alone--only because I hadn't figured out how to delete it yet.

I uploaded a new story. Have you read it yet? It is called 'Rogue Orders." It is the round 2 piece for creative writing, and it takes place a bit after the current Galbadia Prime Online time; if only because I implied players being able to play other species--"they tolerated everyone else in the galaxy."

I'm sure this will come up in creative writing next week, so I'll address it here. My description for the story states that Charles Allbright "leads" his first mission, while in reality readers may think Rogers leads the mission. Sure, Rogers does lead the entire military op, but Charles does have his gunnery team that would die for him and are considered soldiers under his command. He also has one engineer, but due to the climax of the story he was not even mentioned. They are responsible for repairing ship damage.

There was also supposed to be a lot more to the story--the original, before I started removing stuff, was 561 words and counting. I got it down to 515. The max i've scene in the class over 500 was maybe 510-512. If anyone wonders why Charles and his gunnery team didn't put up a fight at all against the climax threat, it is this word limit. I'm sure my professor won't mind 515, but 561+? She'd probably tell me to re-write it; that's over halfway to 600.

Anyway, enjoy the stories. With an editor request in and chapters, at least for Galbadia Prime Online to go to an editor first, updates may not be as frequent.

I am going to continue writing stories for Creative Writing and give them to the class in its original form, and then the editors who help me here, and classmates; can help with revisions which will go here on the site.