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Class starts today!

October 23, 2016
Posted at 11:24 am

My new series, Class is a comical serial describing a rather unique sex ed class.

I don't follow many serializations in erotica, especially when there are multiple authors contributing to the genre. However, I remember reading the first Naked In School (AKA "NIS") story by Karen Wagner, and was intrigued by the concept. There were some follow-on stories by other authors that paid nice homage to the original work. Then there came additional stories that modified the "universe" so much that in some cases, the NIS universe would be unrecognizable with respect to the original story.

At one time, I considered doing a NIS story myself, bringing the humiliation, titillation, and internal dialog found in the original stories, but I don't consider myself good enough to write it.

With Class, I've decided to do pay my homage to the NIS series by creating a different universe where a rather raunchy teacher in an all-girls school teaches Sex Education complete with demonstrations and labs. The only nudity that occurs is in this one class, although there are occasional descriptions of situations outside the class as well. This isn't meant to coexist with the NIS universe, but may appeal to those that like the stories in that series.

Or not.

(I'm not so full of myself that I think I'm great...)

Now, the concept for this series isn't particularly original. I've seen many stories involving sex demonstrations in class ever since I happened upon the Internet, and some have probably appeared in print in books, Penthouse Forum, or other places even before that. However, with this series, I keep my tongue firmly in cheek as we listen in on Mr. Milner as he lectures his rather unique class in his own way, politely referring to each girl as "Miss" and even delivering sage advice on (very) rare occasions, all the while blatantly taking clear advantage of all of his students. The stories are also about his reactions to the various students as they pose questions and make comments in his class. The story is presented as a monologue by the teacher, so you're only hearing one part of the lessons, but can easily imagine everything going on in his shameful little classroom.

Like some of my longer stories, I am maintaining a character "bible" that allows me to remember who the various characters are, their descriptions, and ideas regarding how they will interact within various stories. In fact, with twenty named students in the first four stories alone, it would be nearly impossible for me to keep things straight on an ongoing basis.

And I intend for this to be an ongoing serial.

Each "episode" in this series is meant to be a continuation from all the episodes preceding, although I can imagine writing a few "special episodes" that would probably be out of sequence. I have a few ideas for such episodes, although none appear in the first few episodes in the series.

Please be forewarned that the teacher is an older man in his forties or fifties, and each student is a young female aged sixteen or seventeen. I do not condone the activities described or implied within these stories. I am not, nor will I ever be a real teacher, so this is just my take on what would go on inside a classroom within this universe. The stories are simply meant to titillate, and the fact that the stories are presented as a comedy should not be taken to mean that I think that statutory rape or even the occasional torture is something that should be laughed at. These stories could and should never happen in real life.

I have found these stories as a welcome break from my attempt after attempt after attempt to get going on a different series that I hope I will some day finalize.