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Thanks for the 300K

October 21, 2016
Posted at 5:48 am

My thanks to the selfless readers who have wasted their time sufficiently to boost my downloads over 300,000. Both of you guys must have worked tirelessly to achieve this number.

My thanks also to Lazeez for providing this platform to expose my pathetic attempts at writing to a readership that must be starved for amateur efforts at entertainment. I write what I would like to read and don't worry that others are much better qualified.

It would be nice if my reported scores more closely matched the raw scores available on my author's page. If it weren't for the raw statistics, I would have stopped posting on SOL long ago. When I post the same story on other sites, the scores received are generally above 9.0 whereas that story on SOL is reported as 6.x.

As a degreed mathematician, I appreciate the difficulty of managing statistics properly, but feel that the present system is too easily influenced by those who either disagree with the subject matter or have some other axe to grind.

When you read my stories and choose your own vote, please take a minute to compare your vote with the reported score. I receive feedback from readers who are astounded at the difference.