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My Muse Is a Fickle Bitch

October 17, 2016
Posted at 12:49 pm

Sooo, today's post was supposed to be the eighth chapter of Paradise In A Name. I've been working on both that and the next chapter of the Pornomancer series side by side, and Paradise has just shy of 8,000 words while the Pornomancer has something like thirty-six handwritten pages waiting to be typed. Both stories have just reached the point where the protagonists shed their clothes, hop into bed, and do the sort of things that people come to this site to read about.

So no sooner do David and Parisa climb into bed together when my muse goes, "Oooooh, I got a better idea!" I had spent all weekend trying to get them to that point, but nope, wasn't going to happen. So instead six hours, 7,300 words, and one name change later I have the first chapter of Skinner Box written. Yes, it is marked Too Be Continued, and it will be. Right now it is going to end up sharing the slot in my writing schedule that the Fallen Earth stories occupy.

And if you're sitting there thinking that maybe one person shouldn't be trying to write all these stories at the same time, and should focus on just one until it is finished...I absolutely agree with you!

Just try to convince my muse of that.