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I need help.

October 15, 2016
Posted at 12:14 pm
Updated: October 15, 2016 - 1:04 pm

I just been reading my revision of chapter 6 and I must say I found a lot I was unhappy with. Typo's not with standing, it just didn't look as good as when I gave it my last reading.

Seeing it posted, it seemed that the errors just screamed out at me. So I am asking for help.

For would be editors,

I thank you for your interest. The following is for you.

About those grammatical issues, if you could cut and paste them here or better still copy the chapter into 'Windows Word', and add comments where you find them, and make suggestions as to how to fix them, it would be a great help, and such help will be acknowledged as being a contributing editor.

Those that know how to use word and how to add comments are most welcomed to do so.

All the chapters would most likely benefit from your keen eyes. And when you make a comment please include a reason you see the need for one as I will sometimes not see your reasoning, if you simply change the wording, without explanation.

When I look at my own work and see just what I mess I made of it, well it can be depressing, and if I am depressed I don't feel like writing.

So if you like the story and like to read more, and have a good eye for seeing mistakes, and can comment on fixes, I welcome your help and input.

As always enjoy and thanks for reading,