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October 14, 2016
Posted at 2:04 pm

I posted a bonus chapter today in honor of Book 1 getting to 200,000 downloads. It's a big milestone for me.

Chapter 21 is one of the few chapters that even after 20 or 30 reads to proof-read, still makes me break down. It was hard to write, it's hard for me to read and I apologize to any of you that have been through something like this and feel that pain deeply.

Thanks to everyone who's reached out to find out if I'm okay this week. No injuries here, but some property damage. Large parts of my book collection are unsavable. Our washing machines and some other things are in the same boat. They're all replaceable with some time and expense. The people that are important to me are the things that are unreplaceable and they're all fine. That's the important thing.