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My first really true hate mail

October 12, 2016
Posted at 2:04 pm

So I've just been reading through the emails I've missed since I lost power this week and came across this:




Ok so I have read through to chapter 16 of book 2,
and I won't be going any further.

I find your premise used to finish book 1 and
where I finished in book 2 to be so juvenile that
it beggars belief.

You Yanks are so screwed up over self
righteousness, it becomes farcical.

I have been a member of SOL for many years, and
despite many disappointments this is the first
time I have been moved to make contact and provide

So here it is.


What began as a pleasant light read became
obnoxious with its (authors) pretensions.

I envisage you as either a naive 14 YO or a fat
fucker 50 YO blinkered by years of oppressed
desire and guilt.

Whatever, you truly have a seriously fucked
perspective of people and values.

Go suck a dead dogs dick. It would be more
worthwhile than continuing to write this dribble.


Now I've never been one to shy away from a good temper-tantrum and this issue is one that's seen a lot of attention from Jay Cantrell's blog post and all the support for it. I want to reassure everyone, whether you love the story or just don't want to see another new author chased off by the power of flames. So, for those of you that wish I'd posted his email so you could say some harsh things to him, I give you my response.


Meh. I'm usually supportive of people that find the story is not for them, but your comments weren't meant to be supportive, they're just offensive. You say, you've been an SOL member for years? Big fucking deal. So have I. I made a conscious decision to give back. What have you done? Fuck all. Do the world a favor. Drink bleach.

As for me being a "yank" I'm not an American, don't reside in America and have very rarely even set foot on American soil. Keep your poorly informed assumptions to yourself. You could have just shrugged and called the story a lost cause, emailed me with a message that said the story had turned in a direction that you didn't appreciate and that you wouldn't keep reading, but you chose to turn it into an attack. This is exactly the kind of bullshit Jay Cantrell talked about in his blog last week. If you're not satisfied with the quality of work on this FREE website, then man-up and go buy your fucking books instead of turd-hurdling like a self-important, over-entitled asshole.

Also feel free to kill yourself over your profound disappointment with the SOL offerings.


Someone who hopes you die in a grease fire