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October has arrived.

October 10, 2016
Posted at 11:22 am

I am preparing to post Book 3 Chapter 1 of LiR before too long. I thank those readers that have expressed an interest in the story. I hope to post every couple weeks, give or take. I have a problem. A couple of readers asked to be beta readers, not editors, and I agreed. I am now going over my email and cannot find, or remember to whom I made the promise. Please do not volunteer to do this. I have enough, I think. I simply want the person that was already in contact with me to contact me again so I can send a chapter to them.

For the rest of you, thanks a bunch. The story will begin about eight years from the end of Book 2. Yes, there will be flashbacks with football and other notable events. This book will not be as long as the others, going by my outline, and will be the final in this series. Thanks again for your patience, your emails, and your encouragement.