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Spoiler alert

October 9, 2016
Posted at 5:44 am

--- Spoiler alert ---

I recently received the following email

Re: Aw Fuck Me! - Chapter 7 - Storiesonline
Message from Anonymous. DO NOT REPLY:

What a fucking annoying story! Indecisive hero,
zero blood or sex! Interesting science though

That's it no name nothing more.

I had to stop and think about this, because I appreciate comments from my readers both good and bad.

In the story Description it says little sex, so don't expect a lot of it, I didn't say a lot of sex, or that it would be a stroke story or no sex. It says little sex.

About blood, I am a veteran, and I have seen all the blood I wish to, and I don't want to write about a lot of bloodletting. Do people die, yes a lot of them do, it is war. Generals and political leaders such as a country's leader do not sit in the front row and see a lot of blood spatter. But they are aware of the casualties and costs.

An Indecisive hero. Well what do you expect from a young man that suddenly finds himself thrust into a position he had tried to avoid, what's more his choices will not just affect him, but everyone in the compound, and possibly the world. Is it any wonder he questions his options, he is after all not fully trained for the responsibly he now bares? He will grow into it.

And lastly Interesting science though I haven't really said much about that, that will come much later. But he seemed to like it, even though.

Maybe the part I found 'annoying' was that judging from email heading he had read up to chapter 7 and waited till then to send his comment, most likely he will give me a '1' vote.

As I said I like comments, some tell me where I am going wrong, or you would like to see something done different. More tell me about my poor grammar. Have I told you that I was a very poor student back 50 years ago, and so I am struggling hard to learn those lessons I had failed to do so then.

I may write alternate chapters as another book, some writers have, changing their stores just a little to fulfill a request. I haven gotten there yet.

Some of you may not like the changes I have made, I had wanted to summit it as a new story, but the site moderator suggested I don't, and gave me some very valid reasons.

I have a lot more story to write, there will be another jump, in fact a number of them, and sooner or later some of the mysteries I am trying to create will be revealed. I just don't want to do it here or too soon.

As part of my current expansion I will go into more detail of the war's two fronts. Then there will be… well there will be more story to read.

Please enjoy, and as always if you have a comment good or bad please make it.

Lastly while it says the story is Incomplete and Inactive (Last Activity: ‎5‎/‎12‎/‎2015‎ ‎8‎:‎58‎:‎40‎ ‎PM ) it's not please use the more info button for the latest dates and additions.

Again Thanks for reading,