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The Caveman--Chapters 54-55

October 7, 2016
Posted at 10:34 am

Well, the storm hasn't hit here yet, so I still have power. It may not be the same on Monday, so again I may have to skip a post. We'll see.
Everybody has known jerks like Sam, so this isn't much of a stretch. When you're in the lawyer business you pretty much take what your client presents. I'm not a criminal defense attorney, so I have little personal experience with such things. In my own work in transportation law I've also had some pretty distasteful clients, though. Only once did I ever walk away from a client, whose attitude was more than I could tolerate, Otherwise I just held my nose and did my professional best. It's what you do when you're working for yourself and make your living from the fees others pay you for your expertise; you're not always going to occupy the moral high ground. That's just the price of doing business in this kind of fashion.