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Chapter 4 Retribution

October 5, 2016
Posted at 6:41 am

Chapter 4 Retribution has been summited for posting.

It has been expanded from 6 pages to 40, so I hope you like what was added.

I can't thank my readers enough, while I might write the story for my own enjoyment, I work extra hard for you to correct the grammar errors, and story flow.

I can't say I have been 100% successful, but from my first starting some four years ago, I think I have made some progress in learning some of the more basic concepts of grammar. I can't say I know when and where to put a comma or a period in, or break to a new paragraph. I'm sure one of you will hopefully let me know so I can correct them.

I have looked at my story stats, something I hadn't realized were there, and have been overwhelmed by the number of reader download and votes.

They have been as I said overwhelming positive, with only a very small handful of 1 votes, I sometimes wonder about them, as they never seem to leave a comment as to why they didn't like the story. As you have to read it all the way through before getting to the place you can vote. It makes me wonder are they gluttons for punishment. Or do they just read the first few lines then go to the end and give a bad vote.

In any case if they didn't like it without giving me feedback why bother to vote at all?

Well anyway the greater majority of you have given me high marks and I thank you. The story I hope will get better. Let me know if it does not, and just where it is weakest.

I have been trying to work on character development. If you have a character you want more development on, let me know I will work on them.

Again thanks