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Fuck my life

October 4, 2016
Posted at 1:55 pm

When I get to certain points in the story that may be problematic, I do some research. In this case, I hit Google for information on age of consent in the US and Romeo and Juliet statutes. I knew the story had copious amounts of underage sex and wanted to know what the law had to say on the subject. My initial research turned up information about the Romeo and Juliet laws and returned a mixed age of consent of 16 for girls and 18 for boys. After an email from a reader this week, I went back to review a point I wanted to refresh the details on. Turns out, I either did something wrong in my search or the pages I was directed to had the wrong information. So, I'm back into the guts of Book 2 and 3 for rewrites on passages that refer to the incorrect information.

What does this mean for you, the reader? Nothing, really. I'm just ranting about how easy it was to get the wrong information and how much it's going to slow down my progress on Book 4. I basically need to comb book 2 and 3 for the wrong info and sanitize it with the new facts as I know them.

I'm about to post Chapter 9 to the queue and I've already fact-checked it for any references to the changed info. It should be up shortly.

Thanks again to everyone who responded to my call for opinions and sent me back their feedback on how far Matt went. For that matter, thanks go out to everyone who messages me. I love hearing from you and some people are surprised at how robust a response they get. When people bring up specific parts of the story, I'll sometimes offer a tidbit of behind the scenes information that doesn't make it into the pages of the story because it's my knowledge of things that happen without Matt ever finding out about it, similar to how all the pieces of the breakup fit together in Lana's head to make her believe them, a question sometimes sparks me to discuss the reasons behind some events.