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New posting comming soon, I hope!

October 4, 2016
Posted at 9:13 am

I'm pleased to announce that today I sent a draft (all 70,000 odd words of the bugger) to be proofread. Now things are beyond my control because we have to wait upon others.

This particular yarn is quite unique because it's had the longest gestation period of any story that I've posted since I first appeared on the modern internet.

It began life as a Wanderer yarn -- I believe circa 2005 -- but eventually it was abandoned. Then a few years later Denham Forrest began another yarn that followed the same fate. However one day in 2009 while trawling through the 'Maybe I'll get back to that bugger sometime' folder, I had an epiphany. With a few changes and additions the two yarns could be intermingled/merged into one.

Unfortunately it has taken far too many years to carry-out the operation, much more cutting and rewriting involved than I had first envisaged.

But now I'm happy to be able to say that last evening I typed those familiar words "Life goes On!"

Mind you, I still gotta write the bleeding epilogue!