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Matt's Monday Mishaps

October 2, 2016
Posted at 2:21 pm

I've put chapter 7 in the queue and it should be up shortly. This chapter represents the third part of Matt's first Monday knowing what tore him and the girls apart. Like a lot of Mondays, this bad day never seems to end and this chapter takes him through the bulk of his evening, but not to the finish line.

Thanks, as always to the people that reach out to me every day. I've found a lot of the criticism constructive and helpful. Some of it is advice that I can easily take to adjust the future of the story, but some of it really would mean rewriting 600 pages of story to make use of at this point. Don't stop making suggestions. Just be aware that it might require me to balance a good suggestion against the amount of editing it would take to implement it.

On another note, I'm currently writing a scene where Matt's being asked to cut loose. Not just to let Bad Matt out to play, but to have Regular Matt step into the cage that normally contains Bad Matt and let the monster hold the keys to the kingdom. My question to the readers is: How deep does the rabbit hole go? This is a BDSM situation where the sub has stated that her normal restrictions don't apply tonight. She only asks not to be permanently harmed. She's specifically requested to be humiliated, used, beaten, bitten and fucked. She's brought up toilet slavery and a few other fringe fetishes that are not for the weak of heart. What's your opinion on how far Bad Matt would go if he wasn't restrained? I know where my opinion lies, but to some extent, this is no longer just my story. It belongs to each of us that have read the tale and been enthralled with it. So I ask your input.