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The Caveman--Chapters 48-49

September 30, 2016
Posted at 10:57 am

I pretty much stay away from religious areas in my writing, for the same reason that kids are taught that it's not a proper dinner-party topic of conversation. Everybody has their own views on the subject, and they're often pretty strongly held views.
One thing I've never quite understood is why often it isn't enough for people to hold to their own religious beliefs, they more or less require others around them to subscribe to the same doctrines. I've no clue why it matters to John over there whether Mary on his right believes in God and/or prays to that God in a particular way or venue, except that perhaps John isn't so sure of his convictions and needs Mary's reaffirmation to help erase his lingering doubts, but be that as it may no other subject is so quick to provoke argument, and often vicious argument if not more, than are even seemingly minute differences in religious
tenets. I can certainly sympathize with the difficulty that an outsider like Hugo might have in trying to sort through this kind of complexity. So I felt like I had to at least touch upon this area in passing to give my story more grounding in quasi-reality. If it makes you uncomfortable, rest assured, there's very little more.