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The value of higher education

September 30, 2016
Posted at 9:52 am

Hey all,
A few notes from the font of learning:
1) Reading a book a day sucks. It sucks less once you get the hang of it, though. However, 200-400 pages of reading a night does take its toll.
2) Recovery from surgery is going well. I'm still in physical therapy but I have two working hands, hooray!
3) I got a chance to visit a large number of the WWII battle sites, specifically those in the Normandy invasion. At some point, I need to include those locations in a story because there is a surreal feeling standing at the waterfront of Omaha Beach at low tide. You look up the long, long plane of loose sand to the bluffs that rise overhead. I tried to imagine that run under enemy gunfire and almost cried standing there.
3) Not all of these books are strategy specific. Today's book is called "The Tragedy of Great Power Politics" by John Mearsheimer. It's generally a scholarly book but I think that anyone who, like me, likes to write in the post-apocalyptic genre its got some good discussion on who states/actors work in anarchy. Heck, it even has a chapter titled "Strategies for Survival" that discusses the varying ways weaker nations work with or against stronger ones for survival. Might be worth a read if you enjoy writing in that genre.

That's all from learning land. I'm still working to carve out fiction writing time but don't think I've forgotten you all.
Stay pervy,