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Formatting errors

September 21, 2016
Posted at 2:24 am

You may encounter formatting errors in chapter 31 or any other chapters, where line breaks have disappeared. This makes reading dialogue difficult. Paragraph breaks are always fine. (Line breaks are rendered with an extra blank line on this site, which makes it hard to tell the difference.)

The problem does not lie with me, I'm afraid. Or maybe it does but then I don't know what might cause it: I submit my chapters by copy/pasting my text (from OpenOffice) and at that point it looks fine. That method has worked well ever since I published my first book here. The problem is relatively recent. I have to submit some chapters 2-3 times, sometimes even as HTML, before they look okay. Thankfully processing times here are fantastic. Imagine having to wait another week, like on Literotica (PHTUI!)

Other authors will likely have the same problem, so do let them know.