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And the story continues

September 18, 2016
Posted at 12:55 am

Galbadia Prime online chapter 3 has been in the queue for a few days now. It will go up on the 23RD.
Meanwhile, I'm writing chapter 4, which will contain backstory to Ethan, namely, things that nobody should deal with in their childhood.
From chapter 3+, the chapters will gradually get longer. I have also been throwing around the idea of opening a Galbadia Prime Online universe--thoughts? The idea is that I'll throw up a Universe Primer containing information about basic game information, and other authors can craft stories based on their own created characters in-game and out of game as well. Unlike most stories in RPGLit where the whole idea is that characters are perma players--they can never log out of the game and become a living character of that world, players in Galbadia Prime Online can opt into being a perma player any time, similar to how MMOs do the same for Player Killing. Obviously, after that they cannot go back.
With public universes, how do authors deal with trolling; or does that not happen here? What I mean is, if I make one, I expect authors who add stories to it to follow the Cannon, what little there is available right now anyway, which I will outline in a story similar to what other universes have done. What if an author adds some Erotic story that's completely off-topic, for example?
Anyway, onwards and upwards. Enjoy chapter 3 when it's posted Friday and I should be posting chapter 4 to the queue a bit before then.