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Chapter 32

September 14, 2016
Posted at 2:27 pm

I just posted chapter 32 to the queue and, barring problems, it should be up soon.

I apologize to anyone that thought yesterday's post was the end of Book 1. I realized that was a vary real possibility from the way that I've phrased it. Book 1 ends on a very shocking note. If you're not shocked, then we're not done. lol

Also, I want to make note that it was brought to my attention that not all my email replies have been reaching their intended recipients. This is because I've been using the reply function, so it's been going to the SLO Feedback email. I'll be combing through my sent items this week and next and trying to get all the emails I previously sent forwarded to the correct addresses.

Big thanks to all the fans, critics, grammar teachers and fact checkers that keep me in line. Without you, I'd be lost.