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The Caveman--Chapters 34-35

September 14, 2016
Posted at 11:54 am

I mostly don't get into this in my fiction, but every once in a while I can't resist letting my characters talk about the stupidity that constitutes our national attitude, and legal policy, about drugs in general.
You'd think that we as a country would have learned something from our failed experiment with Prohibition, but it appears not. Insanity has been defined as repeating a particular behavior over and over again and expecting a different result. Well, outlawing one substance desired by significant elements of our population didn't work very well, yet we continue to pursue the same path with other such substances without regard to what happened before. And socially we disparage and even ostracize those who advocate a departure from this illogicality.
At the same time that I think our drug policies are a bit on the whacky side. I also have to recognize that those policies are ingrained in our laws, with penalties for those who don't comply. It helps that I don't personally have much interest in using drugs of any kind. My own reaction to marijuana is like Linda's, the few times I've smoked it in the past I just felt like dozing off and had no feeling of euphoria at all. But even if I liked it, I'd have to recognize, as does Hugo, that continuing to use it carries significant risks, and the game isn't really worth the candle. One may be fully convinced that conventional wisdom is badly flawed, one may even have evidence of this on one's side, but it still may be prudent to go along with the majoriy because they'll punish you if you don't. Some fights simply aren't worth fighting.